Welcome to InteACT Online. We’re happy to share two new online courses for your students: Filmmaking and Creative Writing. 


Like our English Project Weeks these courses are taught by our talented team of English Native Speakers.


Each course contains a series of lessons which include: reading input, pre-recorded video tutorials and lectures, knowledge reviews, practice activities, and more. The courses culminate in a practical project where students can put their new English skills to the test. 


As the course is video based there are no set times to follow and students can complete the lessons, from home, at their own tempo. The project was designed to be a support for teachers and as such requires very little oversight and project coordination from the side of the school.

You can get a sense of our instruction level and the courses in the videos below
InterACT Film and Creative Writing Festival
The Details

The teachers responsibilities for an online class project: 

  • Submit the class registration (below)
  • Receive a non-binding offer
  • Speak with the Principal and parents (secure financing and approval) 
  • Collect the program fee from students
  • Set a completion deadline for your class(es)
  • Give the students access to the platform with the information we provide
  • Pay the course fee after receiving an invoice that we will send to the school, Förderverein etc. 




The teacher can not run the course as a class project but would like to open it as an elective for students.

  • Help promote the course among colleagues and individual students.
  • Students can register themselves directly on the Online Course Platform. 
  • An info letter can be downloaded and shared here.


Course Details at a Glance

  • 5-6 + hours instruction time
  • Flexible practical project (film or story) taking from several ours to several days
  • High-quality pre-recorded lectures and tutorial videos
  • Online community support center with Native Speakers, chat, blog, etc.
  • Can be completed from home
  • Individual or groups possible
  • German translations provided for key vocabulary
  • No oversight required from teacher
  • Can be used as supplemental home learning for split classes
  • Option for students to choose workshops based on interest
  • A fun and meaningful project for students in English


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