LEAP – Language Education through Arts


Program: LEAP – Language Education through Arts Programming
Duration: 15.07.2016 – 15.07.2018
Location: NRW
Enrollment: Open now!
Funded by: Stiftung Mercator, Rational Games Inc.
Suitable for grades: 7–10 in all school forms
Searching for: 14 partner schools

What is LEAP?

LEAP (Language Education through Arts Programming) is an arts based supplementary model for English language education in German upper schools; the LEAP-pilot is focused in NRW area for the coming 24 months. Through a combination of in school artist residencies, teacher training and a youth film festival; the program will directly reach over 350 students and 28 teachers in 14 public schools. LEAP is an educational initiative developed by InterACT English in partnership with Per Aspera e.V. and funded by the Stiftung Mercator and Rational Games Inc.

Target Group

LEAP is seeking to bring programming to students and teachers in NRW schools interested in new methods of language learning through cultural education. Currently we are seeking partner schools in the Ruhr area whose student body represents diverse socioeconomic, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

The program is designed for one class of students per partner school (grades 7–10) and that school’s English department. Schools with limited experience working with external partners or without already established cultural programming are encouraged to apply. The program is open to Sekundarschulen, Hauptschulen, Realschulen, Gesamtschulen and Gymnasium.

LEAP – Overview 4 key areas

I. LEAP – Film Workshop:

Is a collaborative filmmaking workshop where students will be asked to creatively respond to a theme in a self-authored film. Over the course of 5 intensive days students will develop an idea, write a screenplay, cast, rehearse and film their own short movies in English. Under the guidance and in collaboration with professional artists and filmmakers students will turn their creative ideas into 5-minute short films.

For students film is an engaging artistic medium and its aesthetic language an indispensable aspect of modern communication. The process of working with film is dynamic, fast moving, team oriented and will challenge students creativity and technical skills. The collaborative nature and complexity of the process allow for a wide array of interests and skills to be developed. Additionally the program provides an opportunity for students to improve their English comprehension, oral and writing skills.

II. LEAP – Professional Development:

Through 3 professional development workshops teachers are provided with an opportunity to work with professional Teaching-Artists on practical skills for arts integration in the English language classroom. The 3 workshops provide teachers and multipliers with a tool-kit that will allow them to implement successful arts integrated English lessons in their own classes and seminars.

The professional development workshops also provide an important context and introduction to LEAP working methods prior to the film-residency. After training, class teachers will be encouraged to actively participate in the film-residency to gain hands on experience applying new arts based strategies in their classroom.

III. LEAP – InterACT Film Festival:

The LEAP-pilot 2017/18 finale is the InterACT Film Festival (IFF) at an NRW cinema. Student films will be publicly screened. Students, their families, teachers and the public will be invited to attend. A Student Jury will award prizes to films in various categories. The event concludes with a student lead audience talkback about the films and the process of creating them.

IV. LEAP – Digital Materials and Lessons:

Lesson plans will be created utilizing the students’ films as a digital teaching resource. These lessons will be made freely available for use in language classrooms across Germany. Both participating teachers and interested English teachers are encouraged to make use of these resources.

Next Steps

Follow the links below to download registration information, program details, view the films from previous years, use our current teaching resources or take a look at our professional development workshops.

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