Like so many others, InterACT has been profoundly impacted by Covid-19. We know that if our organisation is to continue we will need to find new ways to teach under the restrictions and challenges facing all of us. But as they say “necessity in the mother of invention”.


With that in mind we will now be offering three types of immersive English projects. These three models will allow your school and students to organize an English project with InterACT, no matter the situation.


Our English Projects are now available as:

Online Courses
Blended Learning
In-Person Teaching


We’ve conceived these projects in the most flexible way possible. This means you’ll have the ability to change the type of project depending on the situation in your school. Want to reserve a Native Speaker Week but are unsure if it will happen due to COVID? No problem, depending on the situation you can exchange that program for a digital project that better fits the situation.


We know it is not possible for some schools to sign contracts with cancellations fees. That is why we will not require any payment should your project be cancelled due to Covid-19. However, we hope for the students sake that the alternative online projects will provide an alternative to cancelation.


Any Questions?

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