Like so many others, InterACT has been profoundly impacted by Covid-19. We know that if our organisation is to continue we will need to find new ways to teach under the restrictions and challenges facing all of us. But as they say “necessity in the mother of invention”.


With that in mind we will now be offering three types of immersive English projects. These three models will allow your school and students to organize an English project with InterACT, no matter the situation.


Our English Projects are now available as:

Online Courses
Blended Learning
In-Person Teaching


We’ve conceived these projects in the most flexible way possible. This means you’ll have the ability to change the type of project depending on the situation in your school. Want to reserve a Native Speaker Week but are unsure if it will happen due to COVID? No problem, depending on the situation you can exchange that program for a digital project that better fits the situation.


We know it is not possible for some schools to sign contracts with cancellations fees. That is why we will not require any payment should your project be cancelled due to Covid-19. However, we hope for the students sake that the alternative online projects will provide an alternative to cancelation.


Online Courses

Together with our Native Speakers we are developing Online Courses that your students can do from the comfort of their own home. The programs are fun, informative, and a great way to improve students English. They also require very little extra work from the class teacher. 

Once the students are registered they can complete the course entirely on their own under the guidance of our team. 


The teachers responsibilities for online courses are: 

  • Submit the class registration
  • Receive a non-binding offer
  • Speak with the Schulleitung and Parents (secure financing and approval) 
  • Collect the program fee from students
  • Set a completion deadline for your class
  • Give the students access to the platform with the information we provide
  • Pay the course fee


That’s it. We will take care of the rest. 


Each workshop contains roughly 4 – 6 hours or course content and activities. The final practical project will generally take students several days. Because the course is online and video based, students can complete it at their own tempo when they like. Or you can use the course as a parallel activity to your regular classes.


This course is useful if you are currently teaching a divided class with alternating presence times and looking for a meaningful English project for your students.

Blended Learning Project Week

Schools are opening and we’re all finding a new way to teach. To answer the challenge of split classes and small groups we’ve adapted our English Project Weeks. Most of our English Project Weeks are now available in a blended format including the Native Speaker Week, Media Week and others. 


As usual we will send our instructors to your school to work with students. However, in a blended learning project we will alternate between in-person lessons and online courses. Students can complete some of the project from home during the times they are not able to be in school.  


The class teachers responsibilities are similar in organizing a normal English Project Week with us. We have a detailed coordination process and full time coordinator to help you through these details. 


A blended English Project Week is a flexible solution for your school and students. Of course, we can adapt the program to fit most schedules and all regulations.

In-person Teaching Project Weeks, Classtrips and More

That we have to add ‘in-person’ to teaching shows us just how different a world we are in. In-person teaching is of course the programs you know. Our team, with your students in a room, making discoveries while learning about language, culture and creativity. This is the work we’ve successfully championed for 10 years in German schools. 


Our team is ready to jump back into the action as soon as we are allowed. All of our regular programs are available. 


The 2019/2020 school year has been an extremely challenging period for us. One thing we know for sure is that we will need a busy year in 2020/2021 to bounce back. We understand that the situation is dynamic and no one knows yet how the next school year will develop. But we are here and happy to offer you non-binding reservations for next year’s program. 


With the future of international travel unknown maybe 20/21 is a great time to try an InterACT project in place of your annual class trip abroad. Our international team is here in Germany and looking forward to joining you and your students.

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