Bringing innovative arts based language education, instructed by native English speakers, to schools across Germany

Our Mission

We're passionate about establishing English education through the arts in classrooms across Germany. We bring native speakers, immersive language environments, international perspectives, and diverse cultures directly to your school. These unique experiences help students to develop the language and social skills required to participate in the world.

Our Work

Our programs revolve around an artistic project through which students engage practically with the English language. By giving them ownership of a creative process we create environments where students are motivated to share their ideas with their peers and our instructors. We utilize this desire to communicate to help students improve their English comprehension, vocabulary and oral skills while empowering them in the language.

Each year thousands of students in grades 1-12 benefit from our unique approach to language education. Our active and fun programs help students shift their understanding of English as a 'subject' to English as living tool for communicating with others. Teachers tell us that these positive changes in attitude and group dynamics resonate long after our programs end.

Getting Started

We have years of experience implementing our programs into schools. Our professional team will be with you at every step, from meeting with parents and school administrators to planning with teachers.

We recognize the complexity for schools to fund work with external partners. Our programs are funded through various models including parent contributions, private grants, and government funding. Through our Educational Initiatives we also seek to reach communities of underserved students or those who require financial support.

Our goal is to establish long-term sustainable relationships with partner schools where our programs become an important part of students' English education. Over the years we've become active in school communities across Germany. We're certain that the quality of our work, our dedication to professionalism, exceptional Teaching-Artists and engaging curriculum will convince you to welcome InterACT English to your schools' community.

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